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InterStates Consulting Group, Ltd

April 11, 2007



1.Market Entry Services (Business Development, Strategic Partner Development, Marketing, Logistics, Procurement, Negotiation and Localization)
2.Industry Research (IT, Telecommunications, Energy, Healthcare and Foods)
3.Consumer Research (Panel Survey, Focus Group Interviews, One-on-One Interviews, and others)
4.Management Consulting Services (Knowledge Management, Human Resources Management, Intercultural Communication)
5.Publication Services
6.Translation & Interpretation Services


University of Tokyo, Keio University, Niigata University, Shibaura Institute of Technologies, Institute of National Colleges of Technology, Japan Science and Technology Agency, Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc, NTT DATA Institute of Management Consulting, Inc. InfoCom Research, Inc, Interbrand, Nikkei Research Inc. Dentsu Marketing Insight Inc. Fujitsu Research Institute, Fujitsu, Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. ITOCHU Corporation, Seijo Ishii Co., Ltd. Japan Fisheries Cooperatives, KAGOSHIMA and others
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InterStates Consulting Group is a Japan based research and consulting firm specialized in IT, Telecommunications, Energy and Healthcare industry sectors. InterStates has been working closely with international companies to develop their businesses in Japan and other Asian counties (China, Hong Kong, and Thailand.) InterStates has also took up various kinds of international research commitments and provides quality researches to international research firms and consulting clients overseas.


InterStates also actively promotes commercial use of unique search engine software, MIMA Search, which was invented and developed by Dr. Hideki Mima at the University of Tokyo. The search engine provides users with knowledge map in such a manner that the users would be able to have holistic view of the structure of the knowledge and information they have in their storage. Providing consulting services to the companies that wish to re-organize information stored in data storage widely dispersed in their organization by using the search engine.



1.Converge IT and Business to achieve agile enterprise and prove business value of IT.


2.Manage knowledge asset and business value by structuring organizational knowledge and by using visualization technologies.


3.Build clients' trust by providing quality research and high value consulting services.










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